After Dark Royal 10

Comfort Level: 10 Ultra Plush

Uncompromised quality and technology in an ultra plush feel

Exclusive to BedsRus, the Sleepyhead After Dark Collection sets the benchmark in the luxury category and is hand-crafted here in NZ using the finest materials available. The Royal 10 has been exclusively created to provide an ultra plush feel.

Luxury comfort materials result in a pampered, premium sleep

Pamper yourself with the warmth breathability of New Zealand Wool and the natural softness of Silk. Savour the advanced comfort and support of Genius Memory Foam and Fusion Graphene Memory Foam, as they provide optimal pressure point relief and help to conduct heat away from your body for a more comfortable sleep.

Exceptionally engineered for unparalleled support

At the heart of our After Dark mattresses is the patented Sensorzone® 3DX support system. Sensorzone® 3DX is our most advanced support system and is the only system where springs and foam are fully integrated to provide positive resistance back to help maintain spinal alignment. A unique dual support system that is multi-zoned, both vertically and horizontally with a centralised layer of mini-pocket springs for the ultimate in comfort and pressure point relief.

Is it for you?

The Royal 10 offers a unique supportive feel with an uncompromised selection of comfort layers that provide pressure point relief, less partner disturbance and temperature support throughout the night. Indulge yourself in the natural comfort of New Zealand Wool and Silk for that luxurious touch.

  • Ultra Plush Feel
  • Minimal Partner Disturbance – The Sensorzone® 3DX Sleepyhead’s most advanced support system virtually eliminates partner disturbance contributing to increased quality of sleep.
  • Natural Indulgence – Soft New Zealand wool and silk fibres are highly breathable and are blended into the upper comfort layers in the mattress to enhance comfort and heat management.
  • Temperature Regulation – Revolutionary new OptiTemp technology helps keep you at the optimal sleep temperature all night long. OptiTemp combines the proven performance of KulKote Copper with a cutting-edge heat dissipation technology that utilises flexi graphite bands to help transfer heat away from your body as you sleep.
  • Supreme Comfort – Layered with Genius Memory Foam and Fusion Graphene Memory Foam that adapts to your body, providing instant comfort, pressure point relief and helps to conduct heat away from your body for a more comfortable sleep.
  • Specialist Endorsement – endorsed by the New Zealand Chiropractors' Association for excellence in postural support.
  • 10-Year Warranty – Quality you can trust with Sleepyhead's 10 year guarantee.


All our beds come with a 5 or 10 year warranty, so you can be confident your bed will last the distance.

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