Altos All-In-One Power Recliner

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Innovative. Ergonomic. Unlike any other. The La-Z-Boy Altos All-in-One Power Recliner with Heat and Massage is our most advanced La-Z-Boy yet. 

With zero gravity technology, a built-in heating system and dynamic air massage, the Altos All-in-One has been engineered to ensure a seating experience that combines sleek, modern design and unparallel comfort, with innovative functionality, allowing you to personalise your seating position that’s unique to your comfort demands. Each detail has been carefully considered with the sole purpose of creating the ultimate seating solution. 

Experience a new level of luxurious comfort and relaxation unlike any other, with the Altos All-in-One Power Recliner with Heat & Massage. 

An optional Spanish Side Table is available as an add-on. The table is made from Spanish sintered stone, features a slide out drink holder and stays level in any seating position, ensuring the safety of your drinks and other items. It can be placed on the right, or left-hand side of chair and is available in two colours (Black and White with marble design) that pair perfectly with any covering colour. Covered in top genuine leather. Available in three colours.

It's our best new product launch of 2024, available exclusively at La-Z-Boy!

  • Enjoy customisable massage and heat options for the ultimate tension relief and relaxation. Crafted with air control massage and lumbar function that’s inspired by premium European car design.
  • Experience weightless bliss with zero gravity recline – fully expand your muscles and relieve spine pressure in just seconds. Proven for increased rejuvenation and relaxation, clinically developed and FDA certified.
  • With a tangle free cord, the chair can fit most spaces and spin/swivel 360-degrees without limitations.
  • Magnetised remote with joystick control that seamlessly attaches to outside arm and is easy to use.
  • The Contour Adjustable Headrest allows you to move your headrest upward and forward to customise your own comfort and contour your head. The headrest can be bent up to 30-degrees.
  • Easily save up to two customised seat positions that best fit your body with the Dual Memory Seat Control. That means less time spent adjusting your comfort, and more time to sink in and enjoy a good book.
  • Height: 1090
  • Width: 750
  • Depth: 920

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