Apollo Reclining 2.5 Seater

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Relax in comfort on the sumptuous Apollo 2.5 seater. With soft cushioned arms and seat back, with both seats that recline, you can be assured that the Apollo is nothing short of luxurious. Also available as a recliner, modular and 3 seater reclining sofa. Option to upgrade to Power.
  • Twin reclining sofa requires only a mere 200mm space from the wall to fully recline
  • Trigger handle on outside of sofa
  • To recline, once trigger is pulled, gently apply pressure to the back rest
  • To return to upright sitting position lean your body forward
  • Requires gentle leg movement to close the footrest
  • Both end seats recline for individual relaxation

      Available in 22 Fabric Coverings & 38 Leather Coverings.

      Alternative Grade Fabrics and Leathers available subject to price differences.

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