Dallas Twin Power Reclining 2.5 Seater w/console

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Empower yourself with premier comfort technology. The Dallas power models are designed for the entire family to enjoy with a weightless sensation to relax and release tension benefiting your health and wellbeing. Keep your devices charged and ready with built-in USB charging ports and experience the comfort of power reclining first hand. Reclining in the zero gravity position has a weightless sensation allowing you to relax and release tension benefitting your health and wellbeing. Power lumbar support available for an additional cost.
  • Zero gravity power recline
  • Console - 2 cup holder and storage
  • Sleek outside arm power buttons with home button
  • Customise in your choice of fabric or leather textiles
  • Independent adjustable power headrest and for an additional cost power lumbar support
  • Built in USB port to charge phone only on each power switch | Power output 5 Volt/ DC 2 amp
  • Dual power reclining end seats that move at the touch of a button.

    Available in 22 Fabric Coverings & 37 Leather Coverings.

    Alternative Grade Fabrics and Leathers available subject to price differences.

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