Eden PowerRecline XR

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You can be assured you won't compromise on style or comfort as the Eden caters for every member of your family. The Eden Power ReclineXR offers 3 different sized recliners - standard, large and XL . Upgrade to Power ReclineXR+. Discover the many options the Eden has to offer.
  • Available as a Large XR & Extra Large XR
  • The Power XR models comes standard with a 4 x button activation switch – upgrade to hand wand for a small fee
  • Each comfort feature is independently operated and controlled using the comfort grip hand wand
  • The patented La-Z-Boy mechanism automatically adjusts the tilt of the chair base for comfort and support in all positions
  • Designed with safety in mind, the PowerReclineXR leg-rest will not close when encountering an object in its path
  • The PowerRecline XR will still rock until the leg-rest is raised to about 20 degrees

                Available in 48 Fabric Coverings, 24 Leather Coverings.

                Alternative Grade Fabrics and Leathers available subject to price differences.

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