Chiropractic HD Radiate 4

The Radiate 4 Specialist Back Care Support mattress is from the popular Chiropractic HD range and sits in our medium firm feel zone.

Outstanding support and contoured pressure relief

A uniquely responsive bed, featuring reactive memory foam, that contours to your body shape. The advanced 5-zoned design, Torquezone®HD spring system, provides active support for your body.

Designed with attention to detail for maximized comfort

Nuvole pure comfort fibre is quilted into the top panel, which has excellent cushioning properties, allowing your body to breathe more freely. Titanium:Gel Foam® offers a new generation gel infusion technology to deliver improved thermal support for a more comfortable sleep.

Is it for you?

If you like a traditional feeling mattress that offers Sleepyhead’s ultimate version and the benefits of Torquezone® continuous coil technology then this bed is for you. Whilst this is a medium firm feel, we also offer beds of similar specification in either firm or soft (see Radiate 2 or Radiate 6).

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