EJP Stage I furniture. • Made in New Zealand. 15 year warranty on frame, made from NZ kiln dried timber. • 10 year warranty on seat webbing, 10 year warranty on foam and 2 year warranty on back inners. • 1 year warranty on sofa bed mechanism. Commercial grade, bi-fold mechanism with a 110-130mm innersprung mattress. • Fabric, 1 year warranty given on NZ sourced fabric, however all fabrics have passed a 25,000+ rub test. *1. Due to the nature of foam and fabric all furniture dimensions could be +/- 20mm. *3. The angled corner is freestanding. *4. In a square corner setting the corner piece is always ‘built on’ to the smaller of the two sofas specified, i.e. 2 + cnr + 3, the corner will be built on to the 2 str. * This style may or may not include side scatters, please refer to your pricelist/promo sheet.

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