Renew 3

Wake up feeling good with Renew

The Design Mobel Renew 3 is part of the Hybrid Series range, featuring a pocket spring core presenting in a cushion firm feel. With sustainability at its forefront, the Renew’s outer layers are a combination of eco-friendly Tencel and Bamboo, with pure New Zealand wool in the quilting.

Pure, New Zealand comfort

A tribute to its core beliefs, enjoy the naturally anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic properties of Latex and wool. Sleep healthier and happier with the support of eco-friendly Dreamfoam® throughout the comfort layers. Paired with a Motion Comfort Base, use the wireless remote to tilt your head up, feet up or experience Zero G; find your desired position for a divine sleep.

For those that love the comfort of a pocket spring core

The pocketed springs in the Renew respond to your individual weight and shape, reducing partner disturbance. The technology contours to your body providing excellent support and added flexibility – making them great for adjustable bases too.

Is this for you?

Seeking a sleep solution made from renewable sources? The Renew 3 is perfect for those looking for a bed in a firmer feel, that benefits their comfort and the planet.

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