Select 7

Presenting in a cushion medium feel, the Select 7 employs a roster of comfort for a relaxed and contented night’s sleep.

New Zealand’s most supportive pocket spring mattress

The Swisstek range features the thoughtfully engineered Swisstek Comfort System (SCS) - a combination of Swisstek’s proven 7-zone independent pocket spring system, complemented by a layer of mini pocket springs that offers unparalleled support and reduced partner disturbance. The SCS utilises pocket spring technology to offer personalised support across the entire mattress.

Market leading support matched with exceptional comfort

Award-winning Dreamfoam® is an eco-friendly solution to a comfortable night’s sleep. Cradling your body while still offering additional support, Dreamfoam® combined with temperature regulating KulKote Silver makes the Select 7 a luxurious night’s sleep. Silver and the addition of New Zealand wool also feature naturally hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial properties for a healthier night’s sleep.

Is this for you?

The Select 7 is a front running choice for those with health top of mind. With the support of Swisstek Comfort System to reduce aches and pains, and KulKote Silver for a healthier sleep environment, this is an optimal choice for those seeking a cushion medium bed.

All our beds come with a 5 or 10 year warranty, so you can be confident your bed will last the distance.

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