Trouper Rocker Recliner

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Our Trouper Rocker Recliner features a contemporary take on a classic silhouette with a high back, deep plush bucket seat and adjustable reclining mechanism designed to ensure maximised comfort and support. A rocker recliner that ticks all the boxes.
  • Independent back recline – recline with or without the use of the footrest
  • Full body lumbar support in all 16 natural reclining comfort positions
  • Secure 3 position varying height locking footrest for safety and support
  • Customise your gliding comfort (using convenient wingnuts located under recliner)
  • Solid 4 sided frame
  • Locking, removable back for easy transport
  • Height: 1090
  • Width: 930
  • Depth: 970

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